Jan 6, 2019

Why Would People Do This?

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Deeshawn Venegas, a nursing home worker in Fairhaven, has been accused of posting inappropriate videos of patients to a social media app.  Authorities claim that while Venegas was working at the Royal nursing home in Fairhaven, she posted videos of two patients to Snapchat in October. In court documents, Fairhaven police claim Venegas posted a video of a nude patient who was walking down the hall with no pants or underpants on.

They also said Venegas posted a video of a female patient who had soiled herself, and there’s audio about having to clean it up. Police said there were captions on both videos, as well.

Court documents show Venegas’ cousin alerted the nursing home to the videos a day after they were posted.  Court documents show the administrator told police that he told Venegas and another worker who knew about the video but did not report it not to come to work until further notice, and that they would both be fired at the end of his investigation.


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