Jan 18, 2019

What are the common doctor errors?

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There are many ways within the medical industry to reduce mistakes and errors through technology, but the human factor in care will always be present, so errors will happen. It is essential that anyone working in the medical field follows procedures and takes care when working with patients to avoid mistakes that could pose a serious health risk. However, you should be aware of the errors that occur the most often so you can be proactive with your health care in Indiana.

One of the top errors made by medical professionals, according to Psychology Today, is medication mistakes. Your provider may give you the wrong medication or the wrong dosage of medication. You should know your medications and the dosage and double check them before you take them. Taking the wrong medication can prolong your current condition or lead to serious side effects.

Never events are another concern. These are events that should never happen. They occur due to negligence. Usually, a medical provider is not following protocol when they happen. It is difficult to stop them from happening on your end.

Misdiagnosis is another issue. This is when your doctor does not properly diagnose your condition. If you feel your doctor is missing something important or do not agree with the assessment, never hesitate to get a second opinion. Not getting treatment for some conditions can lead to serious results, even death, so be proactive in your health care.

You have to be part of your health care because doctors make mistakes. Whether it is a genuine error or an act of negligence, a mistake can put your life at risk. This information is for education and is not legal advice.

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