Jun 16, 2018

What are some reasons a c-section would be performed?

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In most cases, a vaginal birth is recommended for healthy women whose pregnancies are free of complications. However, doctors recommend that some women undergo a Cesarean birth (also known as a c-section). If you’re pregnant in Connecticut and wondering which option is best for you and your baby, the March of Dimes offers the following information on common reasons why c-sections are performed.

You’re Having Multiple Births

For women pregnant with two or more babies, a c-section is often recommended. This is because birthing multiple babies can be more difficult if one or more babies are out of position. Women pregnant with multiples also have a higher chance of experiencing complications like preeclampsia (high blood pressure that affects only pregnant women) and preterm labor. Depending on these factors, having a c-section may be deemed safer to prevent a serious issue from occurring.

You Have a Chronic Health Condition

You may also be afflicted with a chronic health condition that can impact your ability to have a vaginal birth. For instance, if you have diabetes the birthing process can be a lot more complex, as you may face more potential complications than a person without this condition. In order to mitigate the chance of a risky birth, it may be suggested that you deliver the baby via c-section.

Complications During Birth

Complications can also occur during the birthing process. If a baby is breeched (i.e. with feet facing down) there are risks associated with giving birth vaginally. Your baby may go into fetal heart distress or labor could be progressing too slowly. Should these events occur it’s vital that your doctor properly assess the situation to determine the safest possible method of delivery.

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