Jun 4, 2018

What are some common hospital mistakes?

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The hospital can be a scary place because you often are going there to have medical procedures done that have a major effect on your health. You expect to be taken care of properly and not have to worry about anything beyond your primary health concern. However, despite all the precautions and safety procedures, mistakes still occur in hospital settings in Connecticut.

According to Consumer Reports, hospital mistakes are actually quite common. Most of these mistakes are due to negligence on the part of hospital staff, and they all are preventable. You can be more proactive in your own care to help prevent these mistakes if you know what to look out for.

One common mistake is administration of the wrong medication or being given the wrong dose. This happens for many reasons, but you may be able to prevent it if you ask for verification and review of any medication before it is given to you. 

Another problem is being discharged too early or not given proper discharge instructions. If you are not discharged at the right time or do not know what to do once you leave the hospital to properly care for yourself, the chances are good that you will end up right back in the hospital. This can be avoided by asking for instructions and getting as much information as you can. If you feel you are not ready to leave the hospital, you should discuss that with your doctor, too. 

Finally, a common problem in hospitals that is due to not having proper attention and care is falls. Falling can lead to further medical issues and even death. You should never walk or get out of bed without a medical personnel there to help you, even if you feel fine. This information is for education and is not legal advice. 

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