Oct 1, 2018

Video Footage of Abuse

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Video footage shows the abuse and neglect suffered by a 92 year old resident of Morrison Lodge nursing home.  You can see the disturbing images at ABC’s Four Corners.  At one point Mrs Robins, visibly distressed, says, “Don’t pull my hair,” and tries to whack the staff away. They can also be seen laughing as they shove her around. Mrs Robins was also left lying on the floor for more than 20 minutes calling for help.

The brutal treatment of Mrs. Robins was determined not to be an assault by Magistrate Gregory Smith.  Clearly he doesn’t know what he is talking about and should have his head examined.

The video shows that Jean Robins had her hair pulled by her nurses, gets pinned down and dragged around by her broken leg. The 92-year-old had been left with bruising and painful skin tears.   If this isn’t abuse, what is?

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