Sep 3, 2018

Taking steps to eliminate operating room mistakes

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The nightmare scenario for Arizona residents coming out of surgery is realizing that they have received the wrong operation or that their situation is worse than before because of a mistake on the part of the surgeon. Thankfully, major mistakes only make up .03 percent of all operations in the United States. That being said, standards should be in place to make sure that mistakes of these kind never happen.

In 2015, a doctor who practiced surgery at Northwestern hospital for almost four decades founded the Chicago-based company SafeStart Medical. This company uses mobile devices as well as a patient and clinic portal that is cloud-based to make surgeries safer.

The surgeries are compliant with HIPAA. The software creates a patient safety record, which includes things like photos, clinical documents, consent forms and a list of allergies the patient has. Both the patient and the physician have to review and approve records as well as any scheduled surgeries. The goal of the software is to enhance safety for patients. This is accomplished by breaking the entire process associated with surgery into multiple steps. Patients are involved in every aspect of the safety process.

The purpose of the software is to cut down on surgical mistakes. Surgical mistakes can include performing surgery on the wrong part of the body, giving a patient the wrong organ or performing the wrong surgery. Annually, somewhere between 8,000 and 10,000 patients are affected by these types of mistakes. However, the founder of SafeStart Medical hopes that the software will help drastically minimize the number of surgical errors that take place.

When a person is a victim of surgical errors, a personal injury attorney may help them seek compensation for their injury. Personal injury attorneys may try to prove negligence and a failure on the part of the doctor to fulfill their duty of care.

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