Sep 1, 2018

Strategies to prevent surgery errors and catch complications

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Surgery often relieves painful medical problems for people in Arizona. Risks and complications accompany any surgical procedure, but people can take proactive steps to increase the likelihood of good surgical results or catching complications as soon as possible so that medical providers can apply corrective treatments.

Before a surgery, a person should become as informed as possible about the benefits and risks associated with the procedure. A person should explore alternative treatments as well and try to judge if surgery is the best option. A reference librarian could assist a person with finding authoritative literature on the subject. The surgeon should be willing to meet with the patient prior to surgery and discuss any concerns. Ideally, a close relative or friend will accompany the person to appointments to listen and ask questions.

Family members should be on hand during and after a surgery as well. They might be able to spot problems or help a person communicate symptoms after a procedure. If a complication arises, the relative can take quick action to file a grievance with the hospital and request copies of medical records. A person could meet with a hospital’s patient advocate and the surgeon to discuss a possible surgical error or other complication.

In some cases, a person might want to meet with an attorney knowledgeable about medical malpractice. An attorney may explain how the law could apply to surgical errors and support someone’s effort to recover financial damages. The resources of a law office might connect a person with an independent medical expert willing to provide testimony about the case. After organizing evidence, an attorney may be able to open negotiations with the medical provider’s insurer to discuss a settlement. If those meetings do not produce results, an attorney might recommend advancing the case to a trial.

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