Oct 15, 2018

Some forms of birth injury are preventable

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Birth injuries can range from relatively minor to severe and even life threatening. Similarly, the range of causes may vary from unavoidable events to entirely preventable health care mistakes. One of the more problematic aspects of birth injuries for Arizona parents is that the symptoms might not present themselves in the days immediately after birth.

Most mild birth injuries are readily apparent and most often involve either damage to the child from the use of forceps or vacuum extraction techniques. Bruising, lacerations or perhaps even broken bones can be classified as mild due to the fact the injuries heal quickly and result in no permanent health concerns. Other types of injuries, often resulting from delayed birth, can be much more serious.

In a delayed birth, the child’s brain is subject to compression while in the birth canal. Labors that extend beyond 18 hours should become an immediate source of concern. The baby will begin to exhibit signs of stress, which is most readily detectable by an increase in the child’s blood pressure. There can be a number of causes of delayed birth, but whatever the reason, the most serious risk is oxygen deprivation to the child’s brain. A child born who has suffered oxygen deprivation may show immediate signs of obvious stress or more subtle signs not readily observable.

An experienced lawyer can explain that malpractice could be the result of an act of commission, which is when something is done affirmatively wrong, or an act of omission, which is something that is not done that should have been done. In either case, the attorney can help a plaintiff obtain fair compensation.

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