Sep 8, 2018

Short-staffing Class Actions

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Two more California nursing homes are among 15 statewide that have been hit by class action lawsuits alleging that their owner systematically understaffed them to increase his profits.  This is a nation-wide epidemic that harms many nursing home residents.

The elderly and infirm are one of the most important and yet vulnerable segments of our society,” said Stephen Garcia, one of the attorneys representing the complainants. “To knowingly understaff these facilities in violation of promised resident rights so as to unlawfully maximize profit, victimizes our important resource of elders and needs to end.”

The suits allege that the owner of the centers knowingly concealed the fact that the homes were not adequately staffed to meet the needs of its residents during the admission process in violation of the state Patients’ Bill of Rights.  The suits name Shlomo Rechnitz and a number of other entities — Brius Management, ASRU, Rockport Administrative Services, Novato Healthcare Center and San Rafael Wellness — as defendants.  However, all of the entities named in the suits are effectively controlled by Rechnitz.



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