Jun 24, 2018

Poetry as Treatment

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Western Slope Now had an interesting article on a new treatment at the Palisade Life Center.  The nursing home is taking Alzheimer’s and Dementia treatments line by line and stanza by stanza.  They’re using poetry to exercise the minds and creativity of the patients in their care.  The group meets once a week to create poems, reaching back into their memories and emotions in a way to express themselves and communicate.

“You can really just see it in their eyes when things are clikcing and coming together,” Caleb Ferganchick, the life engagement coordinator at the center, said, “it allows them the space to share their memories in a structure way to engage and structure conversation that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to do themselves.”

“Actually stimulating the brain,” Jennifer Sims, the specialty programs director for Sava Senior Care, the parent company for the facility in Palisade, said, “Our brain is no different than a muscle in that sense that  if we use it, it’s going to slow the progress of the disease.”

The poems have been created into a book for a self-published collection.

“We took all of the poems we created and we created kind of an anthology called “My Father is in the Arbor” Ferganchick, who started the poem program, said. “It’s named after one of the poems in the book that I really liked.”

The book is for sale online at http://www.blurb.com/b/8750722-my-father-is-in-the-arbor

The profits benefit the residents in the Alzheimer’s and Dementia facility at the Palisade Life Center.

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