Feb 13, 2019

Phaire Care in Orangeburg

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WCSC reported that South Carolina’s Department of Health and Environmental Control is taking enforcement action against Phaire’s Care after a “history of noncompliance,” according to a DHEC representative.  Phaire’s Care is an assisted living home located in Orangeburg County.  A complaint from September said “bad things are happening at the facility.” That complaint listed problems including staff yelling at people who live there, deplorable conditions, underfed residents and possible rats in the building.

Enforcement from DHEC comes after 57-year-old Curtis Johnson Wilson went missing from the facility but was later found by police.

“We’re looking for him to be safe at all times,” Curtis’ sister Barbara Wilson said. “We’re looking for him to receive the sufficient amount of food, adequate care.”

DHEC representative Chris Delcamp said the department completed its most recent investigation. Since then, someone filed another complaint with the department, which Delcamps said requires investigating.

Investigation reports from DHEC show us during a site visit in January, crews found a laundry list of problems.

Medication was not administered to patients correctly, three of 11 employees did not have background checks on file, bed bug-like insects and mouse-like droppings were in one of the rooms–the list goes on.

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