Sep 1, 2018

Misdiagnosis of vascular injury following arthroplasty

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People who are scheduled to undergo surgery in Arizona are sometimes nervous about the potential for complications. The reasons for such apprehensions can be demonstrated in the 2015 cases of two women who each had a surgery known as a total knee arthroplasty. Both of them suffered damage to the popliteal artery during their surgeries. It’s a rare complication, but the majority of vascular injuries that occur during TKAs involve the popliteal artery.

Both patients were women and 76 years of age. In the first case, the surgeon ordered an emergent CT angiography and a Doppler ultrasonography. After tear in the popliteal artery was discovered and diagnosed, the patient underwent a second surgery to repair the tear.

In the second case, the patient was misdiagnosed following a Doppler ultrasonography. The popliteal artery tears were not discovered and remedied until 40 days after the initial TKA surgery. At that point, the second patient underwent a second surgery to remove blood clots in the popliteal area. She recovered.

Before going in for surgery, it’s a good idea for patients to meet with their surgeons and request follow-up visits for after the surgery is complete. A surgeon who specializes in the particular condition to be treated is the best bet. Furthermore, it’s always in the patient’s best interest to get a second opinion.

In cases where a patient is harmed as a result of misdiagnoses or surgical errors, an attorney could provide assistance. A lawyer with experience in medical malpractice law may gather documentary evidence or take deposition testimony. Ultimately, the victim could receive compensation for damages.

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