Jul 18, 2018

Injured Resident Ignored for Hours

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Herman Devine had been staying at Carolina Care Center of Cherryville for years when he broke his leg in a fall there and later died in January of 2016. After suffering a previous fall only 11 days before this one, Devine attempted to walk around unassisted, which led to multiple injuries including an unidentified fracture in his right femur. The injury went unnoticed at the home for 7 hours with Herman’s pain relief limited to Tylenol before the facility’s staff finally took notice of his yelling in pain through the night.

Devine was at risk for falls, and the nursing home was made aware of that from the beginning of his stay. They were also aware of mental issues he had, like disorientation and confusion, which could lead to injury if he wasn’t properly supervised. There was even documentation within the facility, not long before the incident, that Devine had a history of and was prone to more falls. Knowing this, Carolina Care Center should have been able to prevent the injury which led to his death.

But this wasn’t the only example of this nursing home neglecting Herman Devine. Before the broken leg there were also skin tears and weight loss for Herman, in addition to the “mental anguish” of being ignored and mistreated by the nursing home staff.

Unfortunately, stories like this are all too common, especially for families who have no choice but to depend on a single facility, which could be underfunded or understaffed. Hopefully, though, the story of Herman Devine’s case will show the way some nursing home residents are treated in contrast with the way they deserve to be treated.


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