Dec 14, 2018

Important Alert: Response to Emailed Bomb Threats

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A number of organizations, including many health care and financial organizations, nationwide have reported receiving emails that state that an explosive device has been brought into the recipient’s facility and will be detonated unless a ransom is paid in Bitcoin. Law enforcement authorities are investigating; however, at this point, no explosive devices have been found. Law enforcement authorities have recommended diligence and immediate reports to local law enforcement of any suspicious activities that might present a threat to public safety. Hall Render attorneys are monitoring the situation closely and are prepared to assist you in working with FBI and other law enforcement entities should your organization receive this type of communication.

Call your Hall Render Breach Response Team at 1-833-BREACH8 for immediate consultation if you suspect a possible security incident or breach.

Hall Render’s Privacy and Security attorneys include:

  • Elizabeth Callahan-Morris
  • Melissa Markey
  • Carol Romej
  • Jeff Short
  • Mark Swearingen

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