Dec 27, 2018

Homicide or Accidental Death?

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Another elderly woman died after suffering from a preventable fall at a nursing home.  Her premature death has been ruled a homicide because she fell during an altercation with another resident, the York County Coroner said. The coroner’s definition of homicide means death at the hands of another person. Law enforcement determines whether such deaths are criminal. The facility failed to properly supervise the residents.

Nancy Young died from a left hip fracture resulting from a fall. She was a resident at the Pleasant Acres Rehabilitation & Nursing Center in Springettsbury Township.  An investigation showed that Young fell sometime after dinner on Dec. 8 during an altercation between another resident and Young. Young fell and broke her hip, resulting in her death a week later, the coroner wrote.

Young had entered another resident’s room, which resulted in a verbal altercation, Gay said. It was not witnessed by anyone else.  Both Young and the other resident have severe dementia. Young walked into the other resident’s room, and the resident screamed and slammed the door shut.  It wasn’t clear if Young fell because the door hit her or because she was startled. The staff heard Young’s call for help and went to her aid, Gay said.

The County of York sold the nursing home to Premier Health Care Management earlier this year for $30.8 million cash.

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