Sep 26, 2018

Family Files Suit After Elderly Mom is Repeatedly Raped

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This is yet another sexual assault case, detailed at, the story of one resident who has been repeatedly assaulted and where the facility has ultimately failed the resident and her family.

During Delores Green’s residency at the Christian Care Home in Ferguson Missouri, she was raped and sodomized by another resident. The 84-year-old woman’s daughter, Collette, made complaints to the nursing home staff about her mother’s mistreatment, but was ignored. The daughter noticed bruising around Mrs. Green’s private areas, while helping to bathe her. She took her mother to the doctor where it was confirmed that she had been sexually assaulted multiple times. Mrs. Green suffers from physical limitations that prevent her from fighting back, she also has Alzheimer’s which made it difficult for her to tell anyone what happened. Collette commented on the staff at the facility, “They failed her, they failed my mother, they failed her totally.” A suit is pending, and the family has hired many attorneys to stand by their side.

“Raped, sodomized. And no telling when it started or how long it’s been going on. But we know one thing, it has to stop,” the family’s lawyer, Willie Gary, said. Another attorney, Richard Banks said, “Unfortunately the system has failed and it’s not just in Miss Green’s case. The system’s failed a number of times across the country, and these are the people, the voiceless.”

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