Dec 20, 2018

Connecticut to Increase Staffing

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There is a constant issue with under-staffing within nursing homes around the country especially in South Carolina. According to the New Haven Register, Connecticut is finally doing something about it.

The state has ordered that nursing homes set a minimum staffing ratio and hire an independent nurse consultant to help with resident care. The Advanced Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation was ordered to meet the safe minimum requirements due to multiple safety violations during inspection. The purpose of the nurse consultant is to evaluate staff and the care residents are receiving.

So why is Connecticut taking action? Well according to the New Haven Register, during the years of 2015-2018, Connecticut nursing homes were cited for hundreds of violations and resident injuries. There were multiple cases of neglect, broken bones, and falls. The issue isn’t that staffers don’t want to do their jobs, it’s simply that they are swamped with tasks making it impossible to provide quality care to the residents.  Due to this, there is still staff turnover within Connecticut’s nursing home facilities; and still many of them rated below average in terms of care. There have been promising improvements in Connecticut due to the new staffing minimums and independent nursing consultants. But will it be enough to improve nursing home care in Connecticut and the country?

“If Connecticut is doing better than most states, that doesn’t mean it’s doing well enough” (Cara Rosner, New Haven Register).

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