Jan 3, 2019

Cameras Allowed

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Effective in the beginning of this year, the families of loved ones in nursing homes across Louisiana can put video cameras in their rooms.  During the last legislative session, the House and Senate unanimously approved the bill allowing recording in nursing homes. This measures increases safety and decreases abuse, neglect, and fraud.

“Most of us have loved ones that have been in nursing homes,” Hewitt said. “We have all experienced that question of the quality of care, especially when you can’t be there all the time. Particularly for folks who live far away from their loved ones, this is going to give them that ability to make a better judgment on the quality of care they are giving.”

There are some limitations though.

The law states that the camera must be stationary with a fixed view only on the person who gave consent to be recorded.

The family of the resident must pay for all costs, from installation to maintenance.

The law requires the nursing home to be notified of the recording, and signs must be posted notifying there is recording.

If there is another person living in the room, they too must give consent to the camera.

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