Feb 16, 2019

Archive of 2017 Posts

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  • 4 Legal Tips for Setting Up A Functional Medicine Practice
  • A Benevolent Artificial Intelligence Will Usher In Utopia
  • The Internet of Things (IOT) Legal and Regulatory Issues
  • Corporate practice challenges medical management (MSO) organizations in New York AG action
  • Can the non-licensed healer practice legally, including giving nutritional and weight loss advice?
  • FTC false advertising legal traps – walk the compliant side of marketing healthcare products
  • Where healthcare policy & the future of humanity meet
  • Dietary supplement legal review could save your company
  • Is it a kickback when med center offers insurance agent services to its patients?
  • Are medical tourism legal questions variations on MSO-Physician arrangements?
  • “The Doctor Weighs In” Features Interview on FDA Mobile Medical App Regulation
  • Physician health coaching raises telemedicine issues
  • FTC tackles native advertising and sponsored content
  • Are physician online dietary supplement sales, kickbacks or fee-splitting?
  • An open letter to Superintelligence: AI, Blaze Humanity’s Path to the Cosmos
  • Legal risks arise in interdisciplinary MD-DC practice, challenging integrative medicine model
  • How Can A Healthcare Clinical Practice Bonus Its Staff, Employees, & Marketing Personnel Without Trigger Fee-Splitting and Anti-Kickback Issues?
  • FTC Big Data regulation tells companies how to use big data legally and responsibly
  • A concierge medicine legal issues checklist
  • Understanding FDA tobacco compliance – legal requirements, warnings, advertisements, and other regulatory restrictions
  • Legal review of concierge medicine contracts is needed to handle regulatory issues & liability risks
  • Is my app an FDA-regulated medical device?
  • Is an online healthcare services directory a medical referral service?
  • FDA Deeming Tobacco Products to be Subject to the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act: A brief overview
  • Digital health advances set healthcare law on edge
  • Onsite corporate wellness programs raise corporate practice of medicine issues
  • Integrative medicine standard of care: an evolving legal rule
  • FDA’s Tobacco Products Deeming Rule: Establishment Registration & Product Listing
  • FDA medical device guidance – substantial equivalence
  • Online tracking of personal information disclosures required in website privacy policies
  • Is Your Medical Assistant Practicing Medicine Illegally?
  • False and misleading educational products incur FTC wrath
  • Can chiropractors legally practice functional medicine?
  • Is there a Moore’s law for law? Can healthcare and FDA laws regulate convergent, exponential technologies?
  • Cosmetic or drug? Claims matter for body sculpting and slimming products
  • Common HIPAA privacy and security violations flagged
  • “Terms of Use” to Limit Liability and Contract with Customers
  • When leaving a medical practice, can you take patient records?
  • Transcendence: Is AI Energy Healing Feasible in the age of Superintelligence?
  • Integrative medicine advertising legal review: does a flyer need legal review or just “wordsmithing?”
  • “Medical director” creates enforcement red flags
  • When Chiropractors work with Medical Doctors, fee-splitting issues arise
  • Telemedicine Prescription and Distant Diagnosis Allowed? Read Telemedicine Laws Carefully – Interpretation Can Be Tricky
  • OTC drug marketing legal checklist: 5 legal strategy steps
  • Are online call centers illegally practicing medicine or engaging in kickbacks and fee-splitting?
  • The strange world of the California medical board Fictitious Name Permit
  • Super friendly AI could reform human experience
  • Neurofeedback expert tackles “luminosity” of FTC “brain training” enforcement action
  • Do retrospective physician bonuses violate anti-kickback laws?

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