Nov 18, 2018

Another Angel of Death?

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According to the BBC, Niels Hogel, a registered nurse, admitted to killing over 100 of his patients since 1999.  How did none of his supervisors recognize what was happening?!

Niels Hogel wanted to badly to impress his colleagues therefore he would administer an extremely high dosage of medication to patients in the hope that he could save them and look like a hero.  This often led to his victims going into cardiac arrest, and often Hogel would not be able to save them.

He got away with this at two German hospitals. Over 100 bodies have been exhumed, in order to run toxicology tests on Hogel’s victims. Investigators caught the former nurse, by examining hospital death rates, and discovered that there was a significant influx of deaths during the shifts in which Hogel worked. Although, Hogel is already serving a life sentence for the death of six of his patients, it is estimated that many more of his patients could have been harmed, leaving the families still with answers as to how a nurse, someone who should protect their family members, are responsible for their deaths.

This case prompted conversation amongst readers about their experience with health care professionals, and even shared their scary stories about similar events with doctors across the world. These stories included a nurse from the UK who allegedly killed 8 babies, and several stories of physicians in Canada who have harmed their patients by simply not be qualified surgeons, or planning to harm patients.

Now these stories within the comments could be false or mere exaggerations, but it is alarming that there are healthcare professionals across the globe that intentionally harm patients.


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