Feb 10, 2019

ALF Fined for Neglect

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The Miami Herald reported that New Era Community Health Center assisted living facility is facing $16,500 in fines after officials say improper care by staff led to the death of one resident, the attempted suicide of another and at least three runaways that resulted in serious injury.  The problem for many ALFs is that they keep residents who need more care and supervision.

An epileptic women went without being seen by a neurologist because she did not have private insurance and none of the neurologist wanted to see her. She later went on the have a seizure, fall and die in a hospital. The facilities reported that no one witnessed the resident falling but hospital records say otherwise.

Three residents from the South Florida assisted living facility attempted to run away. Walking more than 25 miles, one resident attempted to go to the mall, one went to a nearby clinic and one was found passed out on private property. All three residents had a past of attempting to leave the premises and they were not monitored by the facility.

The facility also housed a 53 year old woman who battled drug and alcohol addiction and was also mentally ill. It was known that this resident had attempted suicide before and the facility placed her on the second floor. She later went on to jump from the balcony resulting in a broken pelvis and shattered bones. In response to her suicide attempt, the facility stated that they will no longer accept patients with mental disabilities.

The facility told the local news that to correct their mistakes they now have security and wrist bands for all the patients.  Obviously, they should have done those safety interventions prior to residents getting hurt and injured.

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