Jun 4, 2018

5 malpractice lawsuits target dancing plastic surgery doctor

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Patients in Arizona expect their doctors to take surgery seriously, but a surgeon dubbed by the media as the dancing doctor viewed surgeries as a chance to perform. Multiple videos on her YouTube channel showed and her surgical assistants dancing. The doctor posed over patients’ exposed bodies and sang along with popular songs or made up her own lyrics. Five malpractice lawsuits are pending against her, but she continues to practice medicine.

The claims of her alleged malpractice victims include infections, disfigurement and brain damage. The woman who experienced brain damage died on the operating table and had to be revived by paramedics. She had originally gone to the doctor’s clinic for minor cosmetic treatments like Botox but got talked into a surgery to flatten her stomach. Eight hours into the procedure, she stopped breathing. The doctor settled that case for an undisclosed amount.

The dancing doctor has not provided a statement regarding the accusations against her. The medical licensing board in the state where she practices was not willing to answer specific questions. Multiple lawsuits against the doctor assert that she lacks qualifications for the cosmetic procedures that she markets to patients. The law in the state where she practices does not impose any requirements on doctors regarding which surgeries that they can perform.

When reckless medical practices harm a person, a medical malpractice lawsuit might succeed in recovering financial damages. An attorney familiar with litigating doctor errors may review a case to see if it meets the legal standards for medical negligence. To build a case, an attorney may seek testimony from an independent medical expert about the mistakes.

Source: CNN, “Lawsuits allege dancing doctor was negligent”, Kaylee Hartung, May 25, 2018

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