Sep 20, 2018

Provider Letter Regarding Incident Reporting Requirements

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Provider Letter PL 2018-20 (Replaces PL 13-04 and PL 18-07) This letter gives directives to the following provider types: 

  • Assisted Living Facilities (ALFs),
  • Day Activity and HealthnServices (DAHS) Facilities,
  • Home and Community Support Services Agencies (HCSSAs),
  • Intermediate Care Facilities for Individuals with an Intellectual Disability (ICFs/IID),
  • Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care Centers (PPECs) Nursing Facilities (NFs)

A provider (as listed above) must include in an initial reportable incident report made via phone or email to HHSC Complaint and Incident Intake (CII) and in a provider listed above investigation report (PIR) submitted by email or fax to CII.

Letter excerpt: A provider must:
• report reportable incidents to CII1
• ensure a thorough investigation is conducted and documented in the PIR;
• submit the PIR to CII within the regulatory timeframe that applies to the provider type.

In addition to reporting an incident, a provider must investigate, or ensure that an investigation was completed, to determine why it occurred, what actions the provider will take in response to the incident and what changes will be made to help prevent a similar incident from occurring. Submit a PIR to CII, using HHSC Form 3613-A (for use by
an ALF, DAHS facility, ICF/IID, NF or PPECC) or HHSC Form 3613 (for use by a HCSSA).

For details on  information  to be submitted review the provider letter CLICK HERE.


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