Aug 30, 2018

High-Tech Healthcare and Telemedicine are the Fastest Growing Initiatives in Healthcare

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Patient care and value is at the forefront of many healthcare discussions in the industry.  Physicians and nurses providing comfort, companionship, connection and support is considered to be just as important as providing actual medicinal treatments. Better care in relation to providing tele-medicine and high tech care in the healthcare system are the top of growing initiatives that put the patient first especially in nursing homes  and hospice and palliative care facilities. 

According to reports, cost and affordability are at the top of the list when it comes to patient care. Most healthcare facilities for elderly, chronically or terminally ill patients operate under very tight margins, and the payer reimbursement model — via Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Medicaid or private insurers — limits the options available to nursing home operators. Hands-on connections merged with technological solutions and advancements are identified by some experts in the field as a type of solution that would allow skills, technology and expertise to be brought to the patient. 

Tele-medicine and High-tech, high touch healthcare has been slated to revolutionize healthcare but has been stagnant for years. One solution according to news reports, involves engaging technology with technicians who are skilled in the use and application of the technology provides the best way to realize value-based solutions for patient care. Engaging tech-enabled medical services solutions with healthcare providers and facilities in traditional settings allows for the delivery of value for the patient and the healthcare system.

For many, the rising industry of telemedicine is one avenue that explores various new ways in which to deliver healthcare and practice medicine thereby adding value to patients enhancing convenience and much more.  With these advancements there’s high potential for healthcare services to expand way beyond interactions between physicians and patients as well as the extension of the value and relevance of telemedicine by addressing the multiple aim  to improve population health, enhance the patient experience, reduce costs, and increase provider satisfaction.




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